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There are commercial services built on giving you access to market data in spreadsheet form, but you can get a lot of data directly from exchange APIs as well.

It is worth looking into that, API-based trading is often possible even when the exchange website is overloaded.

Deribit Option Position Builder

This spreadsheet was originally created by MrJozza and Cryptarbitrage who wrote most of the educational section at Deribit’s knowledge base.

The position builder plots a chart showing you the areas of spot price where your position will make money and where it will lose. Plotting charts like this is the best way to see if your losses are limited or unlimited.

In the CoinPub version, someone added templates for some of the multi-leg positions that are more useful in crypto than on legacy markets. These templates are missing from the original version, for instance the ‘condor’ created only from put options. The put-only condor gives a limited loss in terms of BTC, not just in terms of USD, as it is with the regular condor construct.

This option position builder is not connected to Deribit API, you might use it for any other option market. Just fill in the spot price of your asset and the premiums.

Get this spreadsheet: Open Google Sheet - Click “File” > “Make a Copy”

Download Option Position Builder