Market Data Spreadsheets

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There are commercial services built on giving you access to market data in spreadsheet form, but you can get a lot of data directly from exchange APIs as well.

It is worth looking into that, API-based trading is often possible even when the exchange website is overloaded.

Bitfinex market data for MS Excel

Bitfinex developed the “BFX Function” which is an extension for MS Excel. You can download it from the Bitfinex public Github repo. It comes with a cheatsheet and a demo.

BFX Function Demo (Github)

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The BFX Function accesses the full Bitfinex API. You can get as granular data as you wish, and you can collect broader market information such as funding amounts and rates. You won’t get data this granular from Yahoo Finance and similar generic data sources.

Deribit market data for MS Excel

Deribit did not create a full-fletched Excel function, but they do provide template files for Excel with macros that do the same job.

Leveraging this data makes it easy to build positions and look at your profits and losses without filling it manually. The templates are there but they won’t work in Google Sheets.

You will need to download the file and open it in Excel (and allow macros).

Get this resource: Google Drive (Download the file and open it in Excel)

Download Deribit MS Excel