Google Trends & Social

Google Trends & Social

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There are many tools and ways to suss the retail sentiment. Among the more robust ones are full scale social media text processing and sentiment evaluation.

Google Trends are still among the most popular tools for quick sentiment analysis. For many uses the information it provides is enough.

Google Trends are a service provided by Google that shows the popularity of various search terms.

This data has been used to get a picture of the retail interest in certain type of assets. This type of analysis is not specific to crypto or blockchain.

One typical example of Google Trends usage is comparing the growth of term like ‘bitcoin’ vs the price action. If there is a bull run while Google Trends are not showing much increase, it means the market gains are not driven by retail.

So, there is actually a service for it:

Google Alerts into Spreadsheet

Google provides a service that lets you subscribe to a feed that collects all indexed news articles each day that contain your chosen keyword.

The alerts have nothing like fuzzy search or semantic terms, so you might still miss things. It is best for monitoring the activity of a specific person (let’s say Peter Brandt) or a broader concept (let’s say Ethereum).

The alerts may be delivered either to your Google mail box or into any mailbox where you set up email forwarding.

Zapier then can be used to store this data in a Google Spreadsheet.