Join the Bounty Quest on StealthEX: Pool of $200 Worth of Bitcoin

Press Release - 22 Jan 2024

Join the Bounty Quest on StealthEX: Pool of $200 Worth of Bitcoin

StealthEX, the leading non-custodial exchange, is excited to announce the launch of its Bounty Quest on Zealy, offering participants the opportunity to win from a pool of $200 worth of Bitcoin. This thrilling event is designed to reward cryptocurrency enthusiasts while showcasing the unique features and benefits of the StealthEX platform.

More information on Twitter.

StealthEX has revolutionized the crypto exchange experience by offering a simple and minimalistic interface that enables users to easily perform cryptocurrency swaps in just a few simple steps.

With the absence of any user accounts or the need for personal information disclosure, StealthEX ensures the highest level of privacy and security for its users.

Unlike most exchanges, StealthEX follows the non-custodial approach, where users directly swap cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another. This eliminates the need for users to store their funds on the exchange, providing an additional layer of protection and mitigating any potential risks associated with custodial services.

“We have created a user-centric platform that aims to simplify cryptocurrency exchanges for everyone,” said a spokesperson from StealthEX. “Our seamless interface combined with our round-the-clock support team ensures that users can trade without any hassle and have their questions resolved promptly.”

The Bounty Quest on Zealy offers participants the chance to win from a pool of $200 worth of Bitcoin by engaging in a variety of activities on the StealthEX platform. This includes completing successful swaps, referring friends, and actively participating in community discussions. The more activities completed, the greater the chances of winning in this exciting opportunity.

To participate in the Bounty Quest and discover the intuitive functionalities of the StealthEX platform, interested individuals can visit Twitter.

For any inquiries or assistance, StealthEX offers 24/7 support, which can be accessed by reaching out to them through the StealthEX website.

About StealthEX: StealthEX is a pioneering non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to seamlessly swap digital assets in a fast, secure, and user-friendly manner. Offering a simple and minimalistic interface, StealthEX ensures anonymity and privacy throughout the exchange process. With a team of dedicated experts available 24/7, StealthEX provides exceptional support and assistance to its growing user base.