Smart crypto betting starts with the Cloudbet Marketplace

Smart crypto betting starts with the Cloudbet Marketplace

Crypto investors are always on the lookout for a way to make their investment more lucrative, and the smartest investors are never turned off to the potential of betting with crypto coins. One of the most popular crypto betting sites on the market is Cloudbet, which kickstarted the whole crypto casino movement almost a decade ago now, earning a reputation for innovative thinking. That’s a reputation that hasn’t dulled - they’ve even augmented it in the time since, including with their recent launch of the Cloudbet Marketplace, a loyalty program that’s just a bit different from the usual.

There aren’t many loyalty programs anywhere in the world, for example, that offer to reward you with a week on a private island in the Maldives; a brand-new, bespoke Lamborghini Huracan with a V10 engine; or a limited-edition, instant classic Rolex Daytona Rainbow watch.

Those are the big rewards on offer from the Cloudbet loyalty program, and although the site knows that they aren’t going to see many people claim those rewards, they’re genuinely on offer, and merely the cherry on the cake that is made up of a lot of more realistic, but still excellent, betting boosts.

Each reward is redeemable when you reach a certain total of Lightning Points, which Cloudbet offers to its players for anything from placing a bet to referring a friend to the site.

The more points you raise, the better the reward you can redeem with them. At the most basic level, that might be 20 or 50 free spins on a popular slot game. We’ve already seen what’s on offer if you raise a huge points total, but a more reasonable total can still be redeemed for something pretty impressive. Higher-value credits can be redeemed for use in the casino or sportsbook, with a particularly impressive custom bet on offer when you earn enough points.

The way the custom bet works is as follows:

  • First of all, you select the custom bet as an option. This opens a client with a pair of sliders.
  • You use the first slider to decide the amount you have available as a free bet. The higher the slider goes, the more points you’ll use.
  • The second slider decides what wagering requirements will be attached to the free bet. The more points you use, the less onerous the wagering will be.
  • Once you’ve determined the size of the bet and wagering requirements, the points are debited from your total.

If done correctly, this can result in a lucrative free bet with almost no wagering.

People who have bet with Cloudbet before are more than familiar with the way the casino offers outside-the-box benefits which are both attention-grabbing and genuinely beneficial. The Marketplace program is just another example of this kind of innovation, and if you sign up for the site now, you’ll be in on the ground floor when they release the next intriguing program. Or you can just keep accumulating points until you can drive away in the Lamborghini, the choice is all yours.